Alan Chandler


I’m a seasoned business owner and IT professional focused on harnessing the potential of new technologies for businesses. I’m passionate about helping businesses and communities benefit from emerging technologies. 

I excel at helping businesses understand the potential impact of innovative trends and enable them to capitalise on these dynamics – by re-imagining their business models – to succeed in today’s highly competitive market. 

My experience in recruitment and training has ensured that I’m a well-rounded mentor and leader with the ability to develop potential and match skills to business requirements to accelerate business goals through aligning people, processes and technology.

Daily learning and continuous upskilling is a lifestyle to me – I believe it keeps me relevant in the fast paced digital economy and keeps my skills current.

My interests and experience include:
• Business impacting disruptive technologies – Blockchain and Smart contracts 
• Trading and Crypto Asset management
• Cybersecurity 
• Consulting
• Business development
• Training and public speaking 
• Talent hunting
• Talent development
• Project management